Perineum Ice & Heat Pack

Perineum Ice & Heat Pack

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By Bubba Bump

Postpartum ice packs reduce swelling and soothe sore areas — helping you feel more comfortable in the days after childbirth.

The packs can be heated or cooled, offering a range of benefits!

When heated, the perineum strip can be used during the 2nd stage of labour to help reduce the occurrence of perineal trauma and tears.

When frozen, the pack provides soothing, cooling relief to the perineal area which is likely to be irritated, swollen and tender from childbirth.

The perineum strip perineal ice pack can also be used to give relief from vaginal irritations and inflamed haemorrhoids, or to treat Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). 

The pack can be heated or cooled.

In the pack: 
1 x perineum heat/ice pack
5 x perineum disposable sleeves

Note: Refill sleeves are available for purchase