A Bit About Us!

Hello, I am Jenna! Mum of 3 (if you include my partner Adam, alongside our son Archer and daughter Billie) and a lover of all things chocolate! Oh and cake! Can’t forget the cake.. and coffee!!

By day I work at a local real estate firm and at night (after the kids fall asleep) I am scouring the internet to find the most amazing labels for us to try and fall in love with!

As a Mama, I know how much excitement and research goes into each purchase, and just how hard it can be to find great quality products for both yourself and your little loves in the one place. I am so thrilled to offer you a beautiful range of products, clothing, accessories and play that has been curated with a focus on supporting sustainable and ethical production. Together with family and friends we have tried, tested and given our labels the tick of approval. 

I wanted to create a space where you feel welcome and Mama, more importantly a space where you have not been forgotten! Our products will help you through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond!

 Archer and Billie have been my drive and inspiration for this venture, Archer is our cheeky monkey while Billie brings all of the sass to our little family!

Thank you for visiting and we hope you hang around to watch us grow! 

Jen x

PS: Please feel free to email me at info@whisperandwonderboutique.com.au, we just love to hear your feedback and suggestions.
Photo Credit: Bec Nadler Photography